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Latest 918Kiss APK – Why You Should Download the Latest 918Kiss App

Latest 918Kiss APK

Own the latest 918Kiss APK to get the latest security-tech or Casino Games or latest features by the 918Kiss. It will be good to grab the latest 918Kiss APK for your fresh view in the 918Kiss App. The 918Kiss App will update to the latest 918Kiss APK once in the time. Because it is too boring to stay in the same environment for too long.

The 918Kiss doesn’t release the notifications about the latest 918Kiss APK upgrading, even the Page as well. To notice the update of the 918Kiss APK, you have to click on the game icon. Then it will update automatically, that’s it. It is easy for upgrading the application by this way rather than go to the Play Store.

The most important of the latest 918Kiss APK is to upgrade the application’s security technology. It is to protect the game account from the hackers who try to hack your games. It will be good to check for update frequently.

Top Online Casino

Figure 1.0

The Top Online Casino Malaysia

918Kiss is the Online Casino in Malaysia, it found in the early year of 2018. In other words, it is the latest Online Casino but it replaced another online casino. Previously, it named with the SCR888 Casino which is the top Online Gambling Site in the year 2017. After replacing, they keep all of the Online Casino Games in the new application but more games are coming.

Here, today the 918Kiss releases the latest 918Kiss APK for the upgrading. It is trying to deliver the better gambling experience to their members. Sometimes, the latest app includes the new graphics or theme. But sometimes, it includes the new casino games or special features. It is randomly.

What’s New in Latest 918Kiss APK

While changing to the latest version of the application, it must be something different from previous one. For this time, the latest 918Kiss APK includes the better security, new Online Casino Games and a special feature. This latest version is making the game lively, protective, and more interesting. So, the players may wish to continue betting with the 918Kiss Casino.


Figure 2.0

Better Security Technology

Upgrading the security technology is the most important part. As the 918Kiss’s games are the real-money gaming, it will be good to have the security protection, like the firewall. While having the firewall, that’s difficult to enter the site without the password.

Sometimes, while having the firewall protection. The hacker may still able to hack into the application. So, this latest 918Kiss APK, it helps to upgrade the level of firewall protection. Especially with the Android device, it will be easier for hacking.

New 918Kiss Casino Games

Figure 3.0

New Online Casino Games

According to the Figure 3.0, this update includes 4 more Online Casino Games. 4 of them are the Online Slot Games – Wukong Slot, Jin Qing Wa Slot, Fortune Panda Slot, and the Robin Hood Slot Game. There are the amazing Online Slot Games that include the special feature within the slot. It assists you to win the game easier and more awards.

Previously, the 918Kiss Casino is including 124 casino games in an application. After getting the latest 918Kiss APK, they include a total of 128 casino games. A very good news, those new Slot Games are including the progressive jackpot. So, you may have the chance to trigger the jackpot award from the slot. Good Luck!

918Kiss And Pau

Figure 4.0

A Special Feature (Ang Pau)

Everyone knows about the Chinese New Year’s culture is to take Ang Pau and fire the firecrackers. The 918Kiss Casino is doing something like CNY but except the firecrackers. They merely give the Ang Pau to the players and you can treat those Ang Pau as the bet to the game. That’s not an actual amount of the Ang Pau given by the 918Kiss, it is random.

You have to depend on your luck when you tear open the Ang Pau. Some of the players may award over RM100 value Ang Pau or more or less. And the 918Kiss will give the Ang Pau once in awhile, so be patient.

Had You Updated to Latest 918Kiss APK?

Had you updated your 918Kiss App to the latest 918Kiss APK? If no, please do it rapidly. They are giving the Ang Pau to the players now.

Getting the latest 918Kiss APK is not merely about the Ang Pau, but the security upgrade is the most important part of it. It doesn’t take so much of the time to download the app, maybe just a minute to complete. After getting the latest 918Kiss APK, then try out to bet on their new Online Slot Games. And good luck to you.

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