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918Kiss Jackpot | How to Win A Random Jackpot on 918Kiss Slot Game

918Kiss Jackpot

The 918Kiss Jackpot is the greatest reward in the 918Kiss Casino Games. However, other than the 918Kiss Casino, there are a lot of the casino games are including the jackpot reward as well. Especially the slot games, all of them are including the jackpot. In addition, some of the casino games are including the different kind of the 918Kiss Jackpot – Random Jackpot.

The normal jackpot, believe most of you know about this. But for the random jackpot, we also call it as the progressive jackpot. It is an extra jackpot insert in some of the 918Kiss Slot Games. In the 918Kiss Slot, they include about 70 Slots and that’s around 50 slot games are inserting the random jackpot. Of cause, you are allowing to trigger the random jackpot easier than the normal 918Kiss Jackpot. And that’s the skill to increase the chances of triggering the 918Kiss Jackpot from the slot game.

How to Win a 918Kiss Jackpot?

For the normal jackpot, it is very hard to win the reward. As it has the percentage of 0.0001% to win that jackpot. Although that jackpot is awarding a high reward, it is depending on the luck to win that. However, the random jackpot is much easier to win than the normal jackpot. But the reward of the random jackpot is not as much as the normal jackpot provides. The 918Kiss random jackpot’s award starts from the $3,000.00. And you may have the chance to win more jackpot awards.

In order to win a random jackpot from the 918Kiss Slot Game. First and foremost, you have to pick the slot game that’s including the random jackpot feature. If the slot is including the jackpot, it will show the jackpot prize below the game icon. This is easy for you to find a slot game with the jackpot feature.

Then now, here is the point to win the random jackpot from the 918Kiss Slot Game. If you are wishing to win a random jackpot from the slot game, that’s a way to increase the winning chances. It is to maximize the wager on each line. In other words, the larger investment, the larger return. Normally, the return of the jackpot award is over thousand cash prize. That’s nothing to do when you place the small wager on the games and you win nothing. In another benefit, you will experience the greater winning chances on the normal gameplay with the large wager.

Try to maximize the wager and you will find the differences.

Types of the Progressive Jackpot

Actually, there are 3 kinds of the progressive jackpot in the casino. However, it is no depending on the casino games but it is an offer by the Casino. Each of the jackpots is considering the different level of the prize pool generation.

Stand-Alone Jackpot

The Stand-Alone Jackpot is the lowest reward to the winner. Maybe a maximum reward is about $3,000. Because this kind of the jackpot os generating the prize pool by a single slot game. It is no connecting to other slot machines to generate faster.

In-House Jackpot

The In-House Jackpot is awarding the average reward to the winner. As the jackpot is connecting to all of the same range of the slot machine to generate the prize pool. So, it can make the prize pool generate faster. Normally, at least you can win this kind of the random jackpot with a value of at least $3,000.00 plus.

Wide-Area Jackpot

The Wide-Area Jackpot is the greatest jackpot, as it is generating the prize pool with other Casinos in the selecting area. In other words, those Casinos have co-operation between each other in the same city. Besides, you able to win more than 10 thousand cash prize from this award. It is the greatest jackpot, but it won’t appear in Malaysia. As Malaysia merely has a Casino in Genting Highland, and couldn’t connect with other Casinos.

Progressive Jackpot in 918Kiss Jackpot

In the 918Kiss Jackpot, they are using the In-House Jackpot method to generate the prize pool. They are generating the prize pool from each of the players’ bet. In 918Kiss Casino, they have over million players who play the game daily. So, the prize pool may be faster to generate and allow all of you to trigger the prize. In the research, there are many players trigger the 918Kiss Jackpot from the slot daily. This is much easier to trigger the jackpot from the 918Kiss Slot Game. Try your luck now.


By increasing the wager, you will win the 918Kiss Jackpot easier than the lower wager. Sometimes, you can find the slot game includes over 10 thousand of the prize pool. It is because of none of the players are maximizing the wager on each line and could trigger the random jackpot. Then it is your time to maximize the wager and win a 918Kiss Jackpot!

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