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918Kiss iOS Download | How to Download the iOS on iPhone?

918Kiss iOS Download

The 918Kiss iOS Download is a format file for the installation. It is available for the iPhone and the iPad, except the iMac and MacBook. As the 918Kiss merely provide the gaming service for the small device users. This is convenient for their players while the gameplay with 918Kiss Casino.

Some of the players may concern about the performance of the 918Kiss iOS Download. Because they are including more than a hundred games within an application. So, they afraid of the application crash or lagging. However, you shouldn’t afraid those issues with the 918Kiss iOS Download. They fulfil the performance of the application while playing more than a hundred games within an application.

Besides that, for the 918Kiss iOS download, it may be difficult for the installation task. It is not easy as installing the 918Kiss APK. Here, the players have more tasks to complete the iOS installation. By here, we will guide you on How to Download the 918Kiss Casino app on iPhone and How to Install the 918Kiss app on the iOS device.

How to Download the 918Kiss Casino App on iOS Device?

For the 918Kiss iOS Download, it is different from other applications installed. Although it is an application, you couldn’t find the casino app in the App Store. In order to download their casino app onto the iOS device, you have to download it from their 918kiss download page (

By downloading through the device, you have to open the Internet Browser and enter the link given above. This link will deliver you to the download page of the 918Kiss iOS, it saves your time on searching the download link. Once you get to the download page, you can see that’s 2 kinds of the format file – 918Kiss iOS and 918Kiss APK.

Now, we wish to download 918Kiss iOS. Click on the second box with red colour and “IOS” wording. It is the button to download the application on the device, and this is download automatically. The downloading may take about 3 minutes to complete, as the file’s size is not as larger as you imagine. They minimize over 100 games into an application, so it is easier for you to download the casino app.

It is easy to download the 918Kiss iOS, right? Now, you have complete the 918Kiss iOS Download on your iOS device. But it is not complete yet.

Active the 918Kiss Casino App on iOS Device

After the 918Kiss iOS Download, the application doesn’t active on your iOS device yet. Because it is an untrusted outsource application which you had downloaded from outside of the App Store. For the safety, the device doesn’t allow you to download the application simply. But if you do so, you still can play the outsource application until you done the setting.

First and foremost, you have to go to the “Settings” > “General” > “Device Management” > “All Continental…” > “trust”. After clicking the “trust”, you are completed the 918Kiss iOS download. Now, you are allowing to open the 918Kiss Casino app on your iOS device.

Why Couldn’t Download 918Kiss iOS on App Store?

If the casino app is releasing on the App Store, then you are easy to download and play the game, right? But they are not.

The reason of why couldn’t find any 918Kiss app on the app store. It is because the 918Kiss is providing the online gambling service in Malaysia. Some more, the online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. So, they couldn’t release their casino app on the App Store. They merely allowed to publish on their download page.

Other than that, you will receive the latest version of the application rapidly rather than the App Store. As the App Store needs to review before publishing to the public. But manually upload the application, it will deliver to the player’s device straightly. This is much faster to get the newest app.

Get The 918Kiss iOS Download Now

Now, you have the idea of downloading and installing the 918Kiss iOS on the iOS device. Download the 918Kiss casino app for free and it is available here ( There are more options for the Online Casino Bonus after the 918Kiss iOS Download on the device.

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