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918Kiss | 918Kiss Download | Where Can You Get 918Kiss Online Casino?

918Kiss Online Casino

Previously known as SCR888, the all-new 918Kiss Online Casino is the latest upgrade of SCR888 and of course, it is way better than before. Why? Because of the crazy payouts that it gives. Currently, the average cash out per week is about RM9000 per player. So what does this tell us? Start looking for 918Kiss Casino and start playing! The best part of 918Kiss Online Casino is that it recently just launched the universal app for all mobile phones.

It can be downloaded from the iOS device or Android smartphone because the app supports both mobile phone operating systems. You can get the 918Kiss app for free at BigChoySun Online Casino but first, you’ll need to register as a member. We will guide you on how to register and also how to download the 918Kiss app so you don’t have to worry. We will also list down some of the most lucrative games to play at 918Kiss Online Casino.

918Kiss Online Casino: Registration

To get the 918Kiss app for free, you must first Register as a member of BigChoySun Online Casino. Not to worry though, the registration is an easy and simple process. Here’s how you can register:

  • First, go to the BigChoySun Online Casino home page and click on the Register Now button in the middle of the page.
  • Now, you will be on the Registration page. Fill in your details and submit.
  • Please wait a moment while the Live Chat team approves your registration. This will only take a few minutes.
  • You will receive a text message on your mobile phone once your registration has been approved.

If you are facing any difficulties with the registration, please do contact the Live Chat team as they will assist you with your problems.

918Kiss App: Download For Free

Now that you are officially a member of BigChoySun Online Casino, you can download the 918Kiss app for free. Here’s how you can download the app:

918Kiss App For The iOS Device:

  • Open your Safari app and key in or at the URL bar and click on search.
  • The page will bring you to the official site 918kiss Download.
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • You will be able to see the 918Kiss app on your mobile phone once you are done with the download.

918Kiss App For Android Smartphone:

  • Open your Google Chrome app and key in or at the URL bar and click on search.
  • The page will bring you to the official 918Kiss Download site.
  • Click on the green Android button and accept the download.
  • After the download, please make sure to click on the Install button.
  • Once you are done, you will be able to see the 918Kiss app on your mobile phone.

Now that you have the 918Kiss app, you can start playing and earn as much as possible. Below, we will recommend some of the most lucrative games to play.

918Kiss Wukong

This game is one of the all-time most favorite game to play by players at 918Kiss Online Casino. The reason why it’s so fun to play at this game is that of the high payouts especially if you hit the Monkey King himself or better yet, you get the bonus where the Monkey King appears and he fights the evil demons. If he wins, the payout is so ridiculously high that you wouldn’t believe your eyes once the money has been paid out to you.

918Kiss Wukong is an arcade style game and it can be played by multiple players. It’s more or less like the roulette ball whereby at the start of the game, the game starts spinning and all you have to do is just wait for it to land at the slot you bet. There are 4 characters to bet on and there is also a side bet where you can bet on Bank, Tie or Player.

For each of the characters that you can bet on, there will be 3 slots under them. We’ll start with the lowest payout until the highest payout. The lowest will be the Bull, the Green Demon, the Chinese Lady and the Monkey King. The Bull slots only pay about 5 to 7 times your bet depending on which slot you place your bet.

The Green Demon slots only pay about 8 to 11 times your bet and the Chinese Lady slots only pay about 14 to 20 times your bet. The Monkey King slots, however, pays the highest which starts from 28 to 40 times your bet. Meanwhile, the Bank and the Player pays 2 times your bet and for the Tie, it pays 8 times your bet.

918Kiss Bonus Bears

The 918Kiss Bonus Bears slot game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Its theme is set in the forest whereby the bear, which is the main character, is always on the hunt for honey from the beehive. There is also a cute red hair Park Ranger to be seen on the reels. The Wild symbol is the bear and it can substitute any other symbols except the Scatter symbol. You will be in the free spin bonus round if you get the bear on reels 2, 3 and 4. In the free spin bonus round, you will automatically get 15 free spins and 3x multiplier.

The Scatter symbol is the beehive and if you get 3 or more beehives on the reels, the bonus feature will be activated. In the bonus feature, you will be given 5 trees with 5 honeypots on each tree. You’ll be required to pick a honeypot among the 5 honeypots shown. The honeypots will reward you with cash, so pick carefully. The cute red hair Park Ranger symbol has the highest payout. If you get 5 cute red hair Park Rangers, you will be rewarded with RM5000 as an additional bonus. Generally speaking, this game has plenty of bonus and you will have to try it as soon as possible.

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