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918Kiss Casino Agent Tak Bayar | 918Kiss Online Casino Malaysia

918Kiss Casino Agent Tak Bayar!

Have you experienced the 918Kiss Casino Agent Tak Bayar? There are many players have been cheated by the 918Kiss agent. In Malay, we call it “kena tipu by 918Kiss ejen”. It is such an irresponsible behaviour, right? We have paid the money for the gameplay, but when we win the game. They choose to ignore or even blocked our contact info. It is like a broken bridge that we can see them but can’t contact them anymore.

For the “agent tak bayar” cases, it keeps happen and happens again. It is like an endless story. Until now, I have received a lot of the complaint about the “agent tak bayar”. And they show up those irresponsible 918Kiss agent’s information. That includes the Company Name, Bank Account, and the Contact Number. Soon or later, I would show up those casino agents as the list here.

why agent tak bayar

Why doesn’t the 918Kiss agent pay?

The reason that agent tak bayar is simple. When you win a lot of the money from the game, it is considering the agent is losing the money to you. So, they choose to ignore you and take all those winning awards and put into their pocket. After that, they would block all of your contact number that makes you couldn’t find them anymore. However, if you use another to contact them. Once they notice it is about you, then they would block again. This is just an extra useless work to do. If they don’t withdraw the award to you, you will never get your winning prize back.

918Kiss Complaint box

What to do if agent tak bayar?

If you find the 918Kiss agent tak bayar. You can make a complaint to the Official 918Kiss Casino through the 918Kiss APP. In the 918Kiss APP, the Casino includes the “complaints box” at the bottom-right of the login pages. It is a function to allow the players to speak out to the Official Casino straightly. Soon or later, the Casino may take the action and judge those irresponsible agents.

Sometimes, you may find the Casino doesn’t take the action and the late to take the action. Then you may use another way to notify the players about which agent tak bayar. So, there may lesser players kena tipu by those agents. At the same time, that agent may be getting lesser people to join them. As they know as an untrusted casino agent. You are welcome to comment those agents at the bottom. And we are very thanks for your effort.

However, there are some of the agents won’t do the same issue as the agent tak bayar. There have about hundreds of thousands of the casino agents on the market. And some of them are honestly doing their duty if you win; they pay. It is good when you play with the trusted casino. If that’s not, then it is sad to say so.

Stay away from that agent tak bayar…

That’s so much of the irresponsible casino agents in the online casino market. But the sadness is we couldn’t do many things after kena tipu by the agent. Even that’s some of the agents won’t pay for a few hundred to the winner. I’m speechless here. But it is sad, that’s some of the players win over 10 thousand and agent tak bayar. Always, before gambling online, you should join the reputable casino agent. Hence, the “agent tak bayar” case won’t exist anymore. Be smart with the Online Casino.

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